Sunday, April 25, 2010

sorry i've been a bit deliquent

Well, ever since I went home last month, I have come back to the big D and hit the ground running. Various projects are being taken on such as finishing up the house, training for the 60 miles for breast cancer, hanging out with friends, working hard at the JOB. :) Enjoying life. I think those are great busy reasons for being shy on my blogging.

But alas, things here are going well. As of today, I look like an abused woman. I had the great luxury of getting my wisdom teeth removed Thursday. Mom flew in on Tuesday night and we had a little fun before the big day. Since surgery, I have felt quite good actually. With work being so crazy the past week or so, being "off" and sleeping did me some good. I had no nausea and bleeding stopped quickly. Today I have a little more swelling, but pain is not an issue. Thankfully! :) Took mom to airport this AM to head back to the Carolinas. Anyway, everytime I woke up from a nap, Mom then would escort me to a project she had completed in my home, such as reorganizing closets..coming up with grand schemes for the new bedroom. :) I LOVE IT and HER! :) She also flowered my to come!

Well, going back in time, I spent Easter at the Cox family's casa with alot of good friends. We had a great time enjoying good food and fellowship. But definitely missed the Mrs. Cox, as she was in SC caring for her father. But we had a easter egg hunt, complete with real money filled eggs! Apparently, this is a Texas thing..all those years where I thought it was exciting to run around for you run around for money. :) Amazing time! I walked away with $14.10. The ziploc of coins has come in handy. :)

These are a few pics from the Easter gathering. The last photo showcases some of the produce from the co-op I have joined. I have had two pick-ups and I'm enjoying the fresh additions to my menus! Two weeks ago, I got a turnip. I"m like what do I do with a turnip?? I mean, in the South, we eat the greens..:) But anyway, I"m learning to be creative, which I'm sure surprises you.

All in all, this year has been good to me. I was just recently reviewing the things I wanted to do in 2010. And as the 4th month is almost behind us, I have certainly made a hefty effort toward them. Let's review.

1. Fall more in love with my Savior- enjoying life within the community of believers and encouraged by my time in the Word and my new church
2. Pray more, be less self dependent- this is an ongoing part of my santification, likely will be on the list until the day I go home to be with the Lord. :)
3. Eat healthy. Experiment with food.--check check..I love this challenge
4. Buy a Mac- DONE! :)
5. Run a half marathon.-->this might just have to be sufficed by my 60 mile walk in Nov for breast cancer.
6. Finish my second bedroom.--> in the next few weeks, this will be done. :)
7. Start a blog--check. :)
8. Take a painting or sewing class.--> have taken a few classes and really enjoy it!
9. Attend my 10 year high school reunion.--> in a few short weeks, I'll be headed to Chas.
10. Travel to see friends.--> i have been blessed to see friends or family once a month. :)
11. Save more, spend less.--> i saved alot at years beginning and lately have been spending some of my budgeted funds for the house decorating :)
12. Join a church.--> working on this
13. Find community group.--> working on this
14. Get a dog.--> summer is my goal :)
15. Love better than I ever have before.--> i'm working on this too. :) i'm so thankful the Lord has taught me how to love.
16. Ride my road bike. :)---> i love riding at the lake.

 Well, in review, I think that this year of 2010 has been good to me. I have been able to accomplish alot of my to dos. Still have more on the list, but that's what makes it fun. :) I am so thankful for such a rich and full life filled with God's mercy, blessings and love.

Until next time,
T :)

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  1. I'm so impressed with how well you are accomplishing your list ... and how some of those things are perpetual. Kudos for the food coop! I'm just not adventurous enough yet ... although I recently added watermelon to my short list of fruits I like (now I have 5!). Hoping that July or August will bring you to DE.